The Division of Clinical Social Work represents an independent mental health discipline comprised of clinical social workers, medical case workers, and student interns who participate as team members, primary therapists, family therapists, case managers, and client and family advocates within each of the service programs at Harbor UCLA.  The Division acts to support the participation of Social Workers in the overall client care, training, and research missions of the Department of Psychiatry.

Social Workers within the Department of Psychiatry will be encountered on most service units and may be found participating in direct service, program development, program linkage, administration, teaching, and research.

The individual members of the Social Work Division participate in the learning process for social work interns, psychiatric residents, psychology fellows, and psychology externs with a particular emphasis on the conceptual issues and pragmatic skills necessary to understand and to intervene in the psychosocial aspects of patients’ lives.  This is accomplished through social workers participating in seminars, rounds, case-conferences, supervision, and co-therapy relationships with other disciplines.